DOM tubes

Cold drawn, welded tubes for low-weight constructions

First-class welded products

Structo market a broad range of DOM tubes for low-weight constructions in engineering industries. The tubes are first-class welded products that meet high demands for quality and processing economy in manufacturing products such as cylinder tubes.

Structo manufacture and stock DOM tubes in a wide variety of dimensions for industries that need light-weight tubes that are easy to work with. The tubes have tight tolerance levels and smooth surfaces – for sleek designs with low weight and high durability.

Despite what one might think, welded and cold- drawn tubes are homogeneous. Continuous measurements show that the welding joints have the same durability as the steel itself. This is because the tubes are high-frequency welded in the same type of steel, with no additives.

Varying dimensions

Structo’s DOM tubes are produced to meet customers’ demands for tight tolerances and good concentricity.

They are best used in applications that require small mounting dimensions and good surfaces. For example in telescoping cylinders.

Extra straight tubes...

In manufacturing long cylinders, the straightness of the tubes is key. The usual standard for straightness is 1:1000. Structo’s DOM tubes have a guaranteed straightness of 1:2000, a barely measurable deviation that is hard to beat and can only be compared with Structo’s CDS tubes.


The DOM tubes maintain a constant high quality because production is controlled by inner and outer diameter and any possible eccentricity.

...that can take the pressure

Structo’s DOM tubes are used to a great extent for hydraulic equipment in demanding environments. This makes the demands for reliability, wear-resistance and operating reliability even more important.
Structo have DOM tubes in stock in many standard dimensions. The tubes can also be customised and delivered in fixed lengths and varying degrees of refinement.

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