Structo have CDS tubes in stock in many standard dimensions and custom lengths and designs – for delivery at just the right time.

Those who compete with quality choose Structo

In collaboration with selected partners in Europe and the USA, Structo market a broad range of cold drawn seamless tubes, customized and prepared for skiving and roller burnishing. Structo’s CDS tubes are first class, seamless products that meet high demands for quality and processing economy.

In addition, Structo manufacture and stock CDS tubes in a wide variety of dimensions.
These are products for engineering industries that need light weight, easy to use tubes with tight tolerance levels and smooth surfaces – for sleek constructions with low weight and high durability.

Three different steel types

Structo’s CDS tubes are manufactured of three different types of steel with slightly different chemical makeups. All tubes are stressrelief annealed, with mechanical properties to meet customers requirement.

Optimal tolerances

The tubes are manufactured with optimal preparation and tolerances for the customer’s needs and processes. Compared with seamless, hotrolled tubes, CDS tubes have significantly tighter tolerance levels, smoother surfaces and higher durability.

Extra straight tubes...

In manufacturing long cylinders, the straightness of the tubes is key. The usual standard for straightness is 1:1000. Structo’s CDS tubes have a guaranteed straightness of 1:2000, a barely measurable deviation that is hard to beat.

...that can take the pressure

Structo’s CDS tubes are used to a great extent for hydraulic equipment in demanding environments, for example in the contracting, mining and construction industries. Industrial hydraulic systems are also exposed to major stresses.

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