Structo offer customers rational production through pre-processed details to precise specifications.

Rational processing reduces costs

The market and its demands change constantly. But Structo’s knowledge, product development and collaboration with the largest manufacturers make the company one of the leading suppliers of components for the hydraulic industry.

To maintain and reinforce this position, Structo monitor new requirements, changes and tightened demands. Whether these demands relate to steel grades, dimensions and preprocessing, or to support, logistics and integration manufacturing, and delivery processes, we are listening.

Developed partnership

Modern industry could hardly function without collaboration, extensive integration and mutual commitment between several parties in a sometimes long, complicated production chain. For Structo, this philosophy has meant developing systems and routines to make us a driving partner in such processes.

Structo commit to developing the materials, dimensions and quality that our customers request, and to produce components and time-saving applications or pre-processing to our customers’ specifications.

As tube specialists, Structo offer technical support, good ideas for developing materials and dimensions, improved communications and IT solutions, and other suggestions that can reduce production costs.

Manufacturing of components



Size range OD



60 – 245

60 – 200

Structo are there

Structo are successively expanding their resources to be able to offer customers rational production through pre-processed details to precise specifications. In large or small format, whatever best fits your optimum material flow. Deliveries follow the same model – to the extent and at the rate that the purchasers themselves request. 


More and more industries are choosing this type of collaboration, focusing their energies on developing their own manufacturing units for assembly to better fulfil their customers requirements.

Even better quality

Manufacturing hydraulic cylinders places high demands on the tolerance levels and finish of the inner surface. The best alternative is to cut, weld or form the components before roller burnishing. Quite simply, this gives better quality, which gives a better competitive edge.

This is why Structo have special stations for welding agreed components before the tubes are sent for roller burnishing. The degree of processing is always determined in collaboration with the customer. Even tubes cut at fixed lengths are replacing factory cutting more and more. This way, purchasers don’t have to deal with long goods and it is easier for Structo to deliver a higher quality.

Cut tubes are often delivered according to the schedule of the purchaser’s own production lines, without intermediate storage.